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Honey Lemonade Candle

Honey Lemonade Candle

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Introducing the limited edition A Little Less Toxic Honey Lemonade Candle!

Crafted in collaboration with Shawna Holman of A Little Less Toxic, this one-of-a-kind candle is more than just a candle—it embodies a commitment to healthy living and eco-friendliness. Infused with the aromas of lemon, vanilla, and rosemary essential oils for a relaxing and uplifting atmosphere.

Shawna's describes her candle for you:

"It’s got a retro spring vibe. Kind of like a classic lemon drop candy my grandma always had on hand for me when I was growing up. Reminds me of the sun coming out and warming up and makes me wanna make a fresh jug of my honey lemonade!"

When we found out that Shawna makes Honey Lemonade regularly at home, we knew that was the most fitting name for this delicious lemon candle.

This stunning candle comes in an eye-catching iridescent yellow glass vessel that can be repurposed as an elegant planter.

Once your candle has fully burned, clean the jar for reuse. Plant the seeded dust cover in soil, water it daily, and watch as your wildflower garden flourishes.

Size & Burn Time | 11 oz // 40-45 hours
Ingredients | Cocus Nucifera (coconut oil), Apis Mellifeca (beeswax), CITRUS LIMONUM (cold pressed lemon oil), *Aromatic Vanilla Extract: Natural Triethyl Citrate, Vanilla Planifolia Fruit Extract, ROSMARINUS OFFICINALIS (steam distilled rosemary oil)
Care | The optimal burn for these candles is achieved with a short wick. These wicks burn best when they are trimmed to approximately 1/4." This will require you to periodically trim the wick. No special tools are needed! This can be done by snapping the burnt ends off with your fingers. If your flame gets larger than 1 ½”, please extinguish the candle and allow it to cool. Once your candle cools, you can trim your wick to approximately ¼” to ½”. Remove the wick trimmings before relighting your candle. 
Origin | Made in Pennsylvania

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