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Genesis Tallow

Face Tallow Whip

Face Tallow Whip

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Tallow Face Whip is uniquely made with hemp seed oil that scores one of the best ratings on the noncomedogenic list. Packed with vitamin C, E and essential fatty acids.
Frankincense oil to help blemishes, prevent wrinkles, and lift/tighten skin.
Vetiver oil to promote skin cell regeneration and boosting the growth of new cells

Size |
3.0 oz
Scent Profile | soft, balsamic sweet frankincense fluff
Use |Apply a pea sized amount to your finger tip. Massage into your hands and apply to desired area. Keep in mind that a little bit goes a long way! You will feel the tallow balm instantly melt into your skin.
Ingredients | Grass Fed/Finished Beef Tallow (no hormones or antibiotics), Hemp Seed Oil, Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils (Frankincense, Vetiver)
Origin | Made in Canada
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